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Ask any real estate agent what the one key aspect of their advertising campaign is, and they will tell you it's great photos and video. These combined with tasteful music and commentary can result in a powerful presentation which will undoubtedly influence the sale of a property.


We offer various packages to choose from, depending on your individual requirements and budget.


Optional extras include:


• Auction videography / Auctioneer

• Twilight photography and videography

• Local community landmarks including schools, parks, shopping centres etc

• Agent presented videography

• Agent profile / Promotional photography and videography

All prices incl. GST.





Budget  Package



Suited for smaller properties and for those on a tight budget, this package certainly doesn't compromise on quality. You can be assured of the same professional style photography and editing







Silver  Package



A popular choice for small to medium sized properties incorporating both photo and video images combined with tasteful music






Gold  Package



Stepping up a notch we have a golden winner. Covering everything that the Silver Package offers but with more photos and video. Suitable for medium to large sized properties







Platinum Package



This top of the range package is suited for larger properties with maximum coverage of every aspect







            DIY  Package
$145 - $225

Taken the photos yourself? Just need it to be assembled and edited with suitable music, effects and text overlay ... no worries!



Please view in Full Screen Mode and adjust settings to 720

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